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This certificate delivers a solid foundation in finance administration, covering areas such as basic costing principles, as well as personal skills in business communication. Gain real-world accounting skills and job-specific knowledge with our award winning training. At Chippendale and Clark, we recognise that new bookkeeping for startups technology can dramatically improve the way businesses manage their accounts and processes. Cloud-based systems are a far more efficient way of keeping track of your accounts, controlling your spending, managing your invoices and forecasting – enabling you to work towards monthly data rather than annual accounts.

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This AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping will prepare your career towards the accounting industry. This Certificate in Bookkeeping has a wide range of dynamic accounting processes, returns and maintenance of cost accounting statements. Earn while you learn and join thousands of other young people across the UK embarking on an apprenticeship journey. Contact us for a demonstration on Quickbooks and we would be pleased to discuss how this software solution can help you and your business.

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You will learn various accounting software during practical work at KBM. You will learn the most modern accounting software like Sage 50, Sage One, Sage Payroll, Sage CIS, IRIS, Xero, QuickBooks and MS Excel. KBM offers you unique blended qualifications and practical accountancy training.

Our job-specific training enhances digital accounting capability where our in-house industry experts and chartered accountants help you. You will gain comprehensive training in computerised accounting software like Sage 50, Sage One, Sage Payroll, Sage CIS, IRIS, Xero, QuickBooks and MS Excel. We provide both classroom and online learning options; our timetables suit your lifestyle. We also help provide supervised experience to meet Practical Experience Requirement (PER) for AAT, ACCA, CIMA and CIPFA. KBM will help you through massive practical training in accounting, bookkeeping and finance for specific job roles.

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AAT is a professional membership awarding body for accounting and bookkeeping technicians. The AAT qualifications are employers’ choice, focused on the industry standard for accounting, bookkeeping and financial job roles. At KBM, we are an approved and promoted training provider from the AAT.

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This frees everyone’s time away from data input, and onto what the figures mean. You can start measuring product margins, customer profitability, labour efficiency. Historically, only large companies could afford the software to do this.

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